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Time Tracking

Track your working hours directly in Microsoft Teams in compliance with the law and in just a few clicks.

Check in/Check out

Check in, keep track of your breaks and check out at the end of your day - with just a few clicks, your working hours are recorded in timeghost. You can easily evaluate them at the end of the month.

Maintain working hours

Manual time entries can be easily created and manually adjusted to ensure correct evaluation of working hours.

Evaluate and export working hours

Evaluate working hours to check whether all employees have tracked their times and to get an overview of extra hours and under hours. Export selected working hours to Excel. Perfect for administrative purposes, reporting or simply for archiving.

Project Time Tracking

Developed for Microsoft Teams User

timeghost is perfectly integrated in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Just log in with your Microsoft 365 account and start right away!

AI supported time tracking

No matter if Teams Calls, Planner Tasks, Outlook Mails or Calendar entries - all your Microsoft activities are automatically captured by timeghost and then presented to you using our inbuilt AI assistant.

Perfect project control

With the help of flexible budget control, easy-to-create evaluations and an easy-to-automate export, project time management becomes a piece of cake.


Your intelligent time tracking tool for the Microsoft cosmos

timeghost - time tracking is specifically designed for Microsoft 365 and Teams


In the Timer you record your working hours. Create time entries in no time or let timeghost automatically record your working time for you. At the same time you get your last time entries displayed in the Timer.

Calender View

In the Calendar View of timeghost you get an overview of the time entries of the current week! Book your working hours directly from the calendar view by adding new entries, duplicating existing ones or simply entering your Outlook Calendar Events as time entries in timeghost.


The timeghost Feed brings your Microsoft activities to life! They are automatically displayed in a clear list. One click is all it takes to turn your activities into time entries. With the feed, your Microsoft activities become visible and tangible for you.

Managing projects easily

Project Overview

The project overview clearly displays all important information about your project. To track the progress of your projects even better, you can create budget alerts and reminders.

Project Settings

In the Project Settings, you distribute permissions for users, assign tasks to them, and manage hourly rates within the project.

Test timeghost For Free

Try timeghost 14 days for free and get insights into the most important features to track working hours effectively.

14 Day Free Trial

Overview of all your project work


In timeghost's dashboard, you get all project information displayed in clear graphics. Find exactly what you're looking for with intuitive filters and let yourself be inspired by the clarity of the evaluations.


Export the time entries of your projects into a structured Excel document. Thanks to Power Automate, you can transfer this valuable data to almost any document or system.

Quick Edit

From the dashboard you can change multiple time entries with just one click. Editing your working hours becomes a breeze.

Simple pricing model

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